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커피 맛있고 친절한 귀여운 카페 소개해드릴께요.
커피식탁이란 곳인데, 바이커스탈렛에서 코너만 돌면 바로 있지요.
Literally just around the corner from Biker Starlet is this super cute and friendly 
neighborhood cafe called Coffee Shiktak(Dining table in Korean).
지나갈 때마다 왠지 그냥 친절한 느낌이 너무 좋은 곳이예요.
It's such an inviting and friendly little place :)
그냥 지나치기 쉬운 코너에도 신경 쓴 느낌이 들어요:)
You can feel the owner had put a lot of effort in every corner.
이 나무 벤치도 참 좋아요.
Loving this wooden bench as well.
마침 사장님이 계셨어요.
예쁘고 친절하신 분이세요!
The owner was there when we visited,
a very friendly and pretty lady.
원두는 테일러 커피에서 공급 받으시나봐요:)
Apparently the beans are from Taylor Coffee.
성수동, 뚝섬역 느낌이 그렇듯이 예쁘고 아기자기하다가
무심하게 공장;; 무심하게 공사장... ㅎㅎㅎ
This well illustrates the general feel and atmosphere of our neighborhood
Seongsu-dong and Ttukseom area - all cutesy and indie and hipster and then boom 
you've got a factory firing up or a rough construction site happening right in your face.
A total mismatch of all things possible - old and new, edgy and kitsch, 
indie and mass, rough and sophisticated.:)
쇼케이스 속의 단정한 케익들.
Well presented cakes in the fridge.
알고보니 사장님이 직접 만드시는 케익이라고 해요♡
Guess what, the owner herself bakes them! :)
카페 라떼예요 - 3500krw.
A cafe latte.
사장님 하트 장인이셨군여 ㅠㅠ 
예뻐서 못먹;;;
Turns out she was the heart-shape-in-coffee master lol
Can not afford to eat this, way too pretty!
난데없는 노엘 스몰 레드의 출현;
Featuring our Noelle Small in red :p
덜렁덜렁 가져오다 냅다 망가진 느낌적인 느낌;
On the way back we failed to keep these angels' perfect shapes 
and just mananged to ruin them T.T
미안하다 베이비들아.
Jesus I'm sorry babies. 
쏴리 얼그레이 갸또(7,500krw) 앤드 바닐라 가나슈(6,000krw).
Swworrae. Earl grey gateau.
And vanilla ganache gateau.
coffee shiktak
Tel 02-499-9029
1F 15 Sangwon 1-gil Seongdong-gu Seoul Korea 
서울 성동구 상원1길 15
Weekends 주말 12:00 - 19:00
Weekdays 평일 08:00 - 21:00
instagram  coffee.table_story