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성수동 + 뚝섬역 카페 Plate D (플디)
Seongsu-dong + Ttukseom Station Cafe - Plate D (Dubbed Pldee)
저희 바이커스탈렛에서 너무 가까운 곳에 위치한
신상 디저트카페 플디 소개해드릴께요.
Introducing a brand new dessert cafe 'Plate D'
(It's usually called/pronounced 'Pldee'
사장님이신데요, 정말 상냥하시고 예쁘십니다:))
호주, 프랑스에서 공부하고 서울 포시즌스에서 파티쉐로 근무하셨다고 합니다.
디저트가 사장님처럼 상냥하고 수준급이예요.
This is the owner of Plate D - she has studied abroad in places like Australia and France 
before she worked as a patisserie at the Seoul Four Seasons Hotel.
No wonder her desserts are so pretty and meticulously made.
공식 오픈일 다음날이었는데 벌써 많은 분들이 오셨다 합니다.
인스타-퍼펙한 사진들 찍으시느라 여념이 없으신 고객분들 ㅎㅎ 
We visited a day after its official opening and were told there were 
a lot of guests already. This was a table next to us all in for that IG perfect pics.
Plate D has several amazing dessert menus which are rotated seasonally.
All very beautifully crafted and decorated =)
시즌에 따라 달라지는 플디의 디저트 메뉴...
정성들여 만들어지는 만큼, 아름답고 즐거운 메뉴들이예요.
이 고급진 디저트의 외관을 한 번 보시죠;
Look at this beauty. I mean. I've got to upload this on IG.
So IG compulsive.
군고구마라고 불리는 이 멋진 디저트는 한 번으로는 성에 차지 않을 
환상적인 맛이었어요 ㅠㅠ 
This is called Gun Go Gu Ma, made beautifully with one of the most widely available foods in Korea, 
sweet potatoes, into a surprisingly soft and sweet, almost comforting and unique dessert.
This has completely won us over in one bite.
A true cross-over between local/Korean AND western desserts.
매장은 넓은 느낌은 아니지만 아늑하고 따뜻한 느낌으로,
잘 만들어진 디저트를 찾으신다면 꼭 추천해드리고 싶어요.
The cafe is not too spacious but has enough warmth and coziness to sit and enjoy beverages with desserts.
We strongly recommend Plate D for those of you who are looking for 
quality, well-made desserts.
Plate D 플디
서울 성동구 상원길 44 2층
2F 44 Sangwongil Seongdong-gu Seoul 
 Daily 매일 12ppm - 9pm
인스타그램 휴무 확인 후 방문 추천드립니다.
Please check IG for holidays and irregular off days